Do you find that a Spa Style of massage or a Beauty Salon type of massage doesn’t really get to the heart your problems and costs a lot of money.
Do you feel the following day that the massage hasn’t really done anything to your sore back or tight shoulders.
This is what you get in a spa
Shoulder massage in typical spa setting
Shoulder massage in typical spa setting
This is what you really need
Massage room in my house
Massage room in my house
Body Restoration Massage Therapy by a MTI qualified holistic massage therapist
  • Massage in a comfortable treatment room, or in your own home if you prefer, and at a time that suits you
  • A free consultation carried out before every massage to identify your problems
  • Each treatment targeted to reduce your aches and pains
  • Muscle energy techniques and acupressure used to reduce knots and stretch tight muscles
  • After care advice given to prolong the affects of the massage
  • Sensible prices, you are not paying for high overheads
  • Based in Pangbourne, near Reading

At the end of the massage you will leave feeling more relaxed, more flexible and in less pain.

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