Massage oil example (2)A range of oils are available can be chosen by you to complement the style of massage you have chosen. These are mostly natural base oils with or without added essential oils.

Pure Base Oils

Grapeseed Pure Carrier Oil  –  This oil is suitable for skin types that do not absorb oil well and it does not leave a greasy feeling after massage. Grapeseed oil has natural non-allergenic properties and is especially useful for those with nut allergies.

Sweet Almond Pure Carrier Oil  –  This oil possesses excellent skin lubricating properties and is slowly absorbed by the skin. The oil is suited to all skin types and has beneficial properties for those suffering from eczema. It helps reduce itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation.

Base Oils with added Essential Oils

Sweet Almond Oil with added French High Altitude Lavender  –   Lavender has amazing properties as it cleanses and soothes and can relieve nervous exhaustion, resulting in a calmer and more balanced mind. It also has sleep inducing properties. It is an excellent oil for evening massages and is a favourite among my clients.

Spa Style Oil  –  This is a Grapeseed Oil with 5 blended Essential Oils and is similar to the oil used in Spas all over the world.  It gives your body a real energy boost with high energy Bergamot, refreshing Eucalyptus, invigorating and mind clearing Thyme and an undertone of Lavender and Neroll to spark your body into action.